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Vision Creation Technique

What you imagine or see in your mind is very powerful as your thoughts both in pictures/ images and self-talk (what you say to yourself in your mind) then determine the words that you say out aloud and then how you act in your life.

Your actions then have a profound effect on yourself, your family, your friends, your local community, and ultimately on our beautiful planet Earth.

By thinking positive affirmations and visioning creative imaginations, every single one of us (no matter how old we are or how much money we have or where we come from) can co-create a world that we want. We can all visualise a world of light and magic, freedom and harmony.

We all have the power to create peace and joy and environmental sustainability from our actions which come from our thoughts.


Be mindful of your creations.


Hint. Have pen and paper handy in order to write down your thoughts and ideas but put them to one side for the moment.

This exercise may be done in a classroom and the students use their imagination or it may be done outside.

Go outside into Nature or some natural environment like bushland, the ocean, or a rainforest.

Find a place where you can relax   in complete safety and not be disturbed.

Sit in a comfortable, relaxed position or if appropriate lie down on the earth, sand, or fresh green grass.

Close your eyes, breathe in slowly, hold for a second, and then exhale breathing out any tension or tightness in your body.

Breathe in, hold, breathe out.

Breathe in, hold, breathe out.

Still with your eyes closed, what sounds can you hear? How do the sounds make you feel? Breathe in any sounds that resonate with your being. Hold.

Breathe out any sounds that are discordant or jarring.

Breathe in and relax.

What can you smell? Is the fragrance in harmony with your being?

Breathe in and experience harmonious smells. What memories do these fragrances invoke or bring up? Stay with pleasant memories and be joyful.

Breathe out and release to the universe anything unpleasant

What can you touch with your hand, feet or body? Is it smooth, gritty, hard?  How do you feel?

What can you taste in your mouth?  Is it sour or sweet?

With your eyes still closed, what can you see in your mind? What visions are there? Images? Pictures?

Now open your eyes and look around you. What stands out for you? What can you see? What do your eyes focus on? Did any animals or birds visit you?

Now slowly breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in. breathe out, breathe in., breathe out.

Bring your attention back to the present moment.  Welcome back.

When you are ready take your pen and paper and write down.

What you experienced.

What you saw

How you felt

Anything else that comes to mind

Now finish these 2 sentences.

My personal vision for myself is  ……………………………………..

My personal vision for Australia is ……………………………………………

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