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Relationship Keys

Download PDF  here – Relationship-Keys

Maximise Your Experiences & Relationships… With Self, Everyone & Everything

These guidelines can be considered some of the “Rules of the Game of Life”, and are based on principles drawn from ancient wisdom, and modern Masters. They are suited as a foundation for any relationship e.g. with self, clients, staff, spouse etc.

Remember that if there are no rules that are clear & agreed in a relationship, people make up their own rules – which may be different to what you intend, and lead to misunderstandings.

Try these yourself & observe the results, without judgement. (Judgement often means devaluation & rejection based on your values in the moment)

Leading companies and communicators use these principles for outstanding results.

1.     Be Open & Support willingly, the agreed vision, purpose, objectives, policies & goals.

2.     Speak supportingly (i.e. input positive energy).

3.     Acknowledge whatever is being communicated as true for the speaker at that moment.

4.     Complete your agreements. Be responsible (Able to respond) for your own actions

a.     Make only agreements that you are willing and intend to keep.

b.     Communicate any potential broken agreement at the first appropriate time.

c.      Clear up any broken agreement at the first appropriate opportunity.

5.     If a problem arises, first look to the system (i.e. agreements, policies etc.) for corrections and then communicate your solution to the person who can do something about it. Most people want to do their best. About 95 % of problems are system problems (research by Edwards Deming master of Quality Assurance movement).

6.     Be effective and efficient. Optimise every event…. Aim to Do More with less.

7.     Have the willingness to win, and to allow others to win. Think & Act & Play Win/Win.

8.     Focus on what works. Know (understand) the results you’re getting.

9.     When in doubt, check in with your & their feelings, their tone and actual words being used. Seek to understand – before being understood. eg if you are not communicating well and can see that other people are reacting differently to the way you anticipated, check the words being used to express feelings. Also check within yourself for your own true feelings, intent and actual thoughts. Seek to know the truth by feeling and listening without judgement.   Trust your intuition. Activate and be aware of all senses.

10.  Agree to agree, i.e. aim to resolve differences. Resolution not compromise.

Go for the Wins That Are Beyond the Present Reality and Paradigms

From Creation Journeys – A Travellers Guide for Earthlings

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