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Creation Journeys – The Book – Empower Your Personal or Organizations “Life Journey” with this amazing book of tips and techniques… from Richard O’Neill

  • Your Energy, Earth Energy and Your Brain Wave Frequencies
  • Energy Flows Connecting “Heaven” and Earth … Creating Matter
  • Thriving Success … from Nature’s Principles
  • Key Forces of the Universe
  • Keys to Future Creation … Evolution in Action
  • Creativity Techniques from … Leonardo de Vinci … as interpreted by Deepak Chopra
  • Sacred Places and Songlines
  • Creation Key … The Power of Three …
  • Energy in Motion (Emotion ) Creates the Material World … every moment
  • Power from Grounding our Bodies Electricity to the Earth
  • Your Identity Defined by Values
  • Your Totem – An Indicator of Your Unique Gifts to the World
  • Mining, Stone Circles, Songlines and Earth Energy
  • 8 Action Steps to a Creative, Dancing Planet
  • Wisdom from the Elders
  • Integrity Checklist
  • Adventure Learning Programs and Tours
  • Australian Visions Project
  • Contacts to help you connect with your nature
  • Australian Visions

“Amazing … I love it … contains many inspiring ideas”
– Mark Balfour author of “Sign of the Serpent .. The Key to Creative Physics

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Option 1 – Personal Edition

“Creation Journeys – An Adventure Guide for Travellers” –

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Option 2 – Business Edition

“Creation Business – Integrating Purpose to Enrich the Bottom Line” – Book I

Additional sections and large (A4) format with Business emphasis. 72 pages Bound 220 x 300 mm (A4). Cost AUD $58 plus $ 5.80 GST in Australia + postage ($10 in Aust or $ 20 outside Australia)

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Creation Journeys … Introduction to the Book

This book is a creation … and is intended as a resource for people to adventure, discover, connect and create extra-ordinary outcomes for their lives.

It is a collection of ideas and techniques compiled from years of experiences on the journey of personal empowerment, free expression and inner peace. My journey has encompassed many workshops, global travel and experiences with many cultures, and individuals, including indigenous shamans, religious leaders, business leaders, healers and visionary global leaders.

Their contributions to my journey have been varied, and often subtle and at the time unrecognised Some have not been subtle – like being buried in the earth up to my neck for hours, or fire walking with 1 ,500 people to the beat of African drums

My journey has taken me to all continents of the world, and enabled me to witness the creative energy in everything. When this creativity is blocked, as it so often is through win/lose power games we all loose out – and when it is freed, extra-ordinary and unexpected value is released.

This book can help create that freedom of creative expression, and extra-ordinary value creation.

Richard Thomas O’Neill

In the beginning of Creation is … the “word” …

…Om (Aum) … a resonating harmony or vibration, here expressed by the ancient Irish (where the word is Ogham), and in Indian Sanskrit from 5500 years ago.

Creation is occurring every moment … NOW … Your thoughts create our future