New “Big Picture” Maps to Inspire Australia

Councils & Government are invited to Join the Big Picture Vision Quest & Inspire Communities !

Sharing Visions for Australia is a powerful process– and helps create the life we love. Now Australian Councils and Governments are invited to create local Big Picture Oz Maps as part of a Vision Quest for Australia – read on …

“Vision, our “view of the world” or our dream, are what guides most  people whether they realize it or not ” says Richard O’Neill, director of the Australian Visions Project.  Vision is a key  to most successful projects or creations, and creating the Australia you want is best achieved by you being involved.

Communities and organizations are empowering themselves by a clear, shared, integrated Vision.  Global visionaries like Nelson Mandela or Buckminster Fuller have said this is the age of integrity – meaning we integrate (meaning become whole or “one”) – or perish.  Organizations who are committed to integrity are finding inner creativity and great rewards.

Councils are invited to support local groups as they share a “Vision for Australia” as words, art &/or photo images at the website, where it will be added to the Big Picture Oz Map.

It’s easy with the tools & resources there too– and you may even win an Outback Safari to Uluru or the Kimberley !   Work may also be published in the “Australian Visions Yearbook”.

Do you Love a party ?  Celebration events are also supported by the project. Schools, councils & communities are given planning tools, mentoring & promotion aids and are encouraged to create Vision displays & a “Party for Nature” based on time proven wisdom.– see details at

Youth & Community groups can create OzMaps as a group or whole community project – using the ideas in the AV Toolkits, or by individuals submitting Visions to the website.  People can work with other community groups to produce a community Vision for Australia – as a book or Big Picture Artwork or other products. Contact Australian Visions for some smart income earning ideas for your school.

Youth groups are supported by the project to be creative & earn income. It was youth who founded the world’s most successful tree planting organization – see Foundations at

Environmental and Aboriginal groups are encouraged to meet to organize events that can attract great benefits through these projects – ask at the website for ideas and details.

Councils can engage their community with a Big Picture Oz Map community artwork / vision work – ask about tools & workshops from the Australian Visions team and see the free resources at the website.

So have fun as you Celebrate Australian Nature in this Year of the Outback and see



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