Big Picture Tool Kit




Big Picture Tool Kit

31 Page Toolkit of Tips & Product templates on CD for Big Picture Creation – $ 33 – Downloadable Files

Peacing Our World Together
Australian Visions “Big Pictures Project” – for Peacing Our World Together. Art, Photo & Vision Statements are invited & published as “Big Picture” Poster Maps, on the Internet and in the Australian Visions Book. Earn income for your school !

The Purpose of this toolkit is to help you …

  • Have More Fun, Connect, Create & Celebrate People & Nature
  • Experience Nature as a Reflection of Ourselves
  • Feel a Vital Part of a Big & Exciting Creation – The Big Picture
  • Expand Imagination, Inspiration & Integrity
  • Give you tools to easily Create “Big Picture” Art & valuable products

This Tool Kit compliments school curriculum in creative expression, arts, music, drama, science,

Aboriginal, geography, personal development& health, environment, community studies.

Thank you to all my teachers – “All my Relations” – especially those who have contributed to this book.


  • Introduction – Imagine Your Australia Page 2
  • Inspiration from others – Australian Visions Samples – Young & Adult 3
  • Background – Wisdom from the Elders 5
  • Peacing our World Together 8
  • Background to Big Picture Project 9
  • Imagining Techniques – Wholeness 10

o Relationships 11

o Sacred Places 12

o Totem Connection & Animal Magic 13

o Nature Reflection Technique 15

  • Big Picture Creation Process 16
  • Additional Information

o Australian Story 18

o Rain Songs 20

o Extra Info – Australian Visions Contacts & Vision Quest Tours 26

o Song & Dance for the Trees Events Your Songs on CD 27

o Template Australia Map 29

o CD Big Picture & Map Templates, handouts & Art work attached to Cover

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Our Vision… A Singing & Dancing Planet … Created by People Celebrating Life !!



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