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Youth Visions

"A country where we can get to know more about other things, and learn about other things in the country" - Hope Kinnell QLD -

"A country where all races, indigenous and white Australians will live in harmony" - Jessica Nash QLD

Kids get the vote           Acceptance         Time to honour the seasons – the land

Unity – Acceptance of all human kind       

 For people to accept everyone else        Working with kids – feeling free – Jaime Dobson

Fish in the rivers, birds in the bush no ferals – no weeds

People loving gum trees for their beauty and magnificence, strength and wonder

 I love to see people working in harmony with nature, to live & respect our beautiful planet before it disappears

 A seed from a tree is a growth of a lifetime in freedom – Ariel

 I would like to see more land returned to the Aboriginal peoples and a separate culture. The Aboriginal flag on the southern cross and recognition of Aboriginal sovereignty. The two cultures together and co-existing.

 Australia – a country free of feral animals and where habitat preservation for native animals is a priority.

 A society based on conservation and restoration of nature – Todd              More Nature reserves

 Living with the land, not “on” the land    At the moment repair is still possible – it’s time to start


   I’d like to see more space for nature of Australia for the sake of the nature itself and the sake of we as humans.


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