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Vision, our “view of the world” and our dreams, are what guides most  people whether they realize it or not. Vision is a key to creation of successful projects or outcomes, Your Life and Your organizations life ! 

Visions are most effective when they are from the whole person or organization ie they have more wholeness & integrity. They are not just from the ego or left brain. Your vision (and projects & actions) will be most effective when integrated with all of yourself (ie left & right brain, mind, body & spirit).

A peaceful, deeply relaxed state like that obtained in meditation (when our human brain wave frequencies are around 7.8 cycles/ second, the same as the underlying pulse of the Earth) is how many great visionaries, including Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Guboo Ted Thomas visualized the great work they created. See examples of wholistic visions from Aboriginal leaders, Australian Leadership and Global Leaders.

Visions that are not from the whole self, or integrating the whole organization, are less effective, and difficult to maintain in focus.

We provide tools for wholistic Visioning detailed at Resources

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