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Vision Tips

  • Be Timely - allow yourself the time to relax and be at peace.

  • Be Gracious - for being alive - and express your vision with passion

  • Be Prepared - with pen and paper handy to record what you see in your minds eye

  • Be Natural - You are part of nature - Imagine being in your favourite rich nature or holiday place

  • Be For-giving eg for peace rather than against war. What you focus on expands - so focus on what you love

  • Be Relaxed with clear mind & open heart.  Describe the ideal you imagine - Avoid opinion, storytelling or judgment. 

  • Be Aware - with still mind sense your connection to the Earth & nature and your body's reaction to what you experience.

  • Be Imaginative - Imagine you are eternal and anything is possible in this amazing world of new opportunities & discovery

  • Be Accepting of the vision you are shown - it is your guide to your life journey - your souls deep purpose & reason for being

  • Be Concise - One word may be enough to communicate your vision- (50 words maximum) - fine tune your words to clearly communicate

  • Be Detached - Let go of the need for control of how your vision and your life may unfold.

  • Be Patient - Evolution takes some time - Your dream vision is evolving

  • Be Faithful - to your dream and your own creations

  • Be Inspired - every way you can !!

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