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Visions for Australia

- in Words or "Vision Statements"

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Samples Visions Statements ....

Everyone Standing Up ... ALIVE !  - David Mowaljarai

"The elders must have a Vision ... so the children can dream"

Ngarinyin elder, past Australian of the Year  ..... David Mowaljarlai, Ngarinyin elder, past Australian of the Year  ..... David Mowaljarlai, Ngarinyin elder, past Australian of the Year  Mowaljarlai's Vision was to bring the Wandjina icon & spirit to Sydney for the Olympic Games, to share it with the World .... Wandjina emerged in the opening ceremony as sacred ground was re-created by Aboriginal people through song and dance, and Cathy Freeman  ignited the ancient flame in our hearts. KimberleyCommunity

The Ngarinyin, Wandjina people of the Kimberley, have a particular vision for themselves and Australia. Reflecting their philosophy, they see their future as a co-cultural one; a relationship between white Australia culture and Ngarinyin culture where the two Laws walk side by side in a relationship of cooperation, sharing and mutual benefit. A synergy of interactivity between the two cultures.

Ngarinyin, Wandjina people of the Kimberley

Australia will become a model for other global communities ... I see Australians coming together from all walks of life, especially indigenous and non-indigenous Australia, for a better tomorrow  "We need to lock into one-another's point of view" (one-another's vision) Mr Mandawuy Yunupingu, lead singer, Yothu Yindi & chair of Yothu Yindi Foundation

"Together we will make Tasmania an icon for the rest of the world by creating a proud and confident society where our people live in harmony and prosperity" Vision from "Tasmania Together" 

I have a vision for a healthier ancient land than a worn out and parched land that we currently see.

Judi di Monticone Author of Healing the Land [email protected]

A united Australia which respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander heritage; and provides justice and equality for all.

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation

 A place where innovation is an artform, ecological sustainability a way of life, where we set visions recognising you can only hit a target you can see and adventure and endeavour are the fabric of living. A place where we nurture global icons and tall poppies are only flowers. 

Vic Cherikoff

A fun and sacred place, where people and all beings recognize and respect integrity - and our nature - and freely express their unique identity and creativity with passion, power and love, while honouring the sovereignty of others.

Richard T. O'Neill 

By 2050 Australia will be a civil society. Social capital – voluntary association, trust and social equity - will be seen as more important to our future than economic capital. Australia will also be a more inclusive society than it is at present. There will be a high level of community engagement in decision-making processes, particularly at the local level, with all inputs being given due consideration.

This will invariably lead to better outcomes. As a consequence, Australians will have a higher level of trust amongst themselves and with their decision-making institutions than at any time in the past.

Australian Conservation Foundation see -

Australia is the country of self-discovery and creativity for the world  Olivia De Bergerac - ODB Consulting + Dolphin

That more and more people begin to SEE with the eyes of the trees, and FEEL with the heart of the forest (or bush)....this would be a great start to taking care of our precious Earth and all its species.:     Mariana Trapera  [email protected]

"Australia has an enormous potential for integrating sustainable living systems, both ecological and  social to become a wayshower for the rest of the world" - Robert Skappel NSW

Australia reaching maturity as a nation when the people recognize the sacredness of the land in which they live and which gives them life.

John Koch, Oasis Anu Ta Healing & Retreat Centre

A place where people honour and respect nature – Ingrid Rehle-Williams

People supported and energized through the use of colour in corporate environments – Clare Hopkins  [email protected]

Equality for all people, animals, plants – the whole environment respected and in balance, no exploitation.

Unity – Acceptance of all human kind

Try and save our inland rivers – June Barker 

For those in power to think more responsibly about this beautiful land – don’t burn our timber to get charcoal – We love and need our trees -  Mogo

For people to accept everyone else

I see Australia as taking a new dreaming to the world – sustainable life practices in every area will be developed.

Humans respecting each other, and the plants and animals - as equal living beings who think and feel,

Fish in the rivers, birds in the bush no ferals – no weeds

Working with kids – feeling free – Jaime Dobson

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