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                                   SUCCESS PLANNER

 Every moment we are able to make decisions about what to do next.

 We can decide to stay unconscious or asleep, to go to sleep or to go into action.  But what decisions or actions do we take? What action to take simply depends on what we want to achieve,

ie our goal. Too many choices can be overwhelming, and can appear to take away our personal power or energy, and be confusing. Be still. Be calm. Value your uniqueness. Realize your importance in the interdependence of all things. Tap your own inner self & wisdom.

Developing skills to master our decision making and subsequent actions, leads to a more satisfying and powerful and effective life - ie Mastery our own lives.

 The following points are provided to give clarity to Steps to Personal Success. They are lessons from Masters. Success is defined as "achievement of a worthwhile goal"


                              Steps to Personal Success

 1. Clarify your Goal   - "Clarity Leads to Power"

 - Know clearly why you want this goal, the sacrifices you need to make & the values and rewards it will bring you. Is the true intention of your goal aligned with your true values, and love, truth, integrity, responsibility ? Know yourself. Clear the blockages to progress such as limiting habits conditioned in the past. Develop a clear vision of the future.  "Clarity in the Moment leads to Power in the Eternal".

 2. Develop a Plan for Achieving the Goal

     - with specific, time based milestones. Monitor, record Wins, fine tune - CANI

 3. Develop Sincere Desire - for the goal and the things it brings.

     - Strong and sincere Desire is our greatest motivator.

 4. Develop supreme Confidence in your abilities.

     - Focus on your Power, BELIEVE it will happen. Believe it and you will see it.

    - Have Faith and Expectation. Thoughts attract thoughts & create reality.

    - Magnetise your mind for the results you want !

 5. Develop Determination to follow your Plan

     - stay Focussed and Committed until completion.

 If any of these elements are missing, seek to understand why - Learn from Masters. Clear negative beliefs and habits, perhaps re-clarify the goal.

                                    DAILY CHECKLIST

 Integrity - Check diary for time committments. Know responsibilities are in order

 Results - Celebrate Wins, log daily stats, develop discipline, habits, systems

                                     Weekly Compass

         Connect to Mission,  Review Roles,  Identify Goals,  Organise Weekly, Excercise Integrity,  Review & Evaluate (Stats)

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