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Join the Vision Quest and

 Win Outback Adventures

to Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kimberley & Australia's Heartlands

 Simply Share Your Vision as a Vision Statement, Art or Photo Image - see below

Sharing Your "Vision for Australia" is a powerful process - It tells the world you are here, and attracts people to help make it real and an Outback Adventure with Spirit Safaris is a great start

Your entry may become part of "Big Picture" displays around Australia, on the internet, and published in the Australian Visions Yearbook.

Winning entries are selected by a panel of discerning judges in the fields of education, environment & the arts, based on degree of inspiration, innovation, location, impact, integrity, imagination and image quality.

Entries are in 3 levels -

  1. Free Entry - your Vision may be published on the website & in the AV Yearbook

  2. As 1 above PLUS be entered in the Quest to Win TWO Outback Safaris PLUS Receive an Inspiring A4 "Big Picture" OzMap" with your Vision for Australia included on the map ... PLUS Your school or Organization will be invited to receive special "Quest" income earning opportunities when you include $10 with your entry OR purchase any of the Australian Visions Resources (at Resources) including Ozmaps, Rain Songs CD, Rainmaking Tool Kit  Dance for the Trees Events Tool Kit,  Big Picture Tool Kit   Creation Journeys Book , or Australian Visions Yearbook - see Vitality Toolkits

  3. School / Group / Council / Organization / Company entries  - Contact us for great opportunities for classes, schools, teams, community & youth groups to WIN SAFARIS  & EARN INCOME.  See Schools or Youth or Councils and Contact us or Call 02 8213 3225

Note - If you purchase an Outback safari with Spirit and WIN the Vision Quest, you will be a double winner and receive your safari cost refunded PLUS $ 500 extra - so if you are thinking of an outback adventure it pays to book early. Check the dates at Spirit  !


Note only Options 2 or 3 put you in the running for an Outback Safari

Quest Terms and Conditions

Be Inspired -

Tips to Clearly See Your Vision & for writing effective Vision Statements to keep You inspired ! 

 Vision statements are more effective when they are from the whole person or organization ie they have more wholeness & integrity. They are not just from the ego or left brain. Your vision (and projects & actions) will be most effective when integrated with all of yourself (ie left & right brain, mind, body & spirit). A deeply relaxed state like that obtained in meditation is how many great visionaries, including Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Guboo Ted Thomas visualized the great work they created. See examples of wholistic visions from Aboriginal leaders, Australian Leadership and Global Leaders

Vision Tips -

Be a Human Be-ing rather than a Human Doing

Be For-giving eg for peace rather than against war. What you focus on expands - so focus on what you love

Other Vision Tips & Resources

Entry Form & Quest Entry

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