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Woodford Folk Festival 2008-2009

It's time to Celebrate Your Australia !!

One of the biggest & best celebration in Australia is at the Woodford Folk Festival - on the songlines near the Glasshouse Mountains. Must dos include all the fabulous many cultural singing & dancing opportunities, plus the dawn ceremony at New Year over these magical mountains.

In 2008 again we travel the songlines outback & across Australia - up the Oodnadatta & Tanami Tracks and back on Australia's major songline - the "rainbringer" - playing with amazing energy workers & healers, plus creative fun with Aboriginal kids, bathing in new bubbling springs in the middle of real nowhere, and powerful rock art and rainmaking sites that help connect the rains to western Queensland (needing some TLC of course) - plus landmark meetings with Bush University elders for an awesome 2008.   

Plus amazing walks and swims around the spectacular waterholes of the Western MacDonnell Ranges - wonderful country and experiences and great memories and photos to share with you - join us at a preview soon.  

Now it's time to share some of the country and learnings with you, so we can all be the Rainmakers (and sundancers) we are born to be.  

Let Your journey be great in 2008 !!

Don't leave Earth without seeing some of the best bits - up close - outback - Great NEW TOURS - packed with yummy pristine waterholes, Aboriginal artists, high energy sites, rocks you'd die for and depths of soul connection your heart's been waiting for - book an outback safari before January 30, mention this email & save $150 !! Look here 

YOU WANT Clarity, Passion, Purpose Yes ? - Our Vision Quest is for YOU (the deeper knowing part + the other parts too) - here's what they say - "Best day ever !!"  and "a day to breath, to share, to laugh, enjoy, teach, inspire, connect with nature and each other – a beautiful experience"   BOOK NOW + inspire your Creation !  here 

WOODFORD Folk Festival - the Biggest Party on the Planet - latest News here  

Have you noticed how out of integrity our leaders are looking - This kaos is a process of collapse before re-ordering with higher integrity - Nature's organisms do it all the time - it's witnessed on our Vision Quest, and discussed in our book Creation Journeys. All the more reason for reintegrating ourselves or companies with teambuilding training (toward oneness - 2ward 1ness ?) 

As we each choose higher integrity through our intention and attention - we create the shift - as the US just did for the world. How's your local independant candidate looking - or you ?  For a nice rush, use the "integrity check list" here 

Now Available -Australian Visions Yearbook. Spectacular full pages images of our extraordinary Nature - see Visions Yearbook

Latest Dancing Planet Events include -

Woodford Folk Festival Christmas to New Year - Connect, Create & Celebrate with the magic - See Woodford program & Visions for Australia from Woodford


More events at  and Year of The Outback


“Rain Songs” Break Drought !!!

 New words to known tunes tell how to bring vitality to drought affected Australia.

In the beginning is the word – and the words were sung with power and passion the night before the heaviest rainfalls in over a year were experienced across NSW. An Avalon singing group, “A’Cappella ‘Round the Bends” sang a series of “Rainmaking” songs written by Richard O’Neill for “Ocean to Outback” .The songs were written with new words to well known tunes, with the intention of enabling people to quickly “sing-up” and revitalize themselves and the environment. Avalon, the sing-up centre experienced the highest rainfall in the Sydney metro area.

Rainmaking and Singing Up the Land are powerful processes practiced by most indigenous cultures to enrich the environment. Avalon, on Sydney’s northern beaches was the sing-up centre, and experienced the highest rainfall recorded in metropolitan Sydney. Rain fell across large areas of the state since the sing-up, quelling bush fires and revitalizing communities.

You can dismiss this as co-incidence, or remember the synchronistic moments in your life when you felt connected to the web of life, and knew something bigger was going on. Is this rain co-incidence, or a message ? After all we do live in the Uni-verse meaning one-song or harmony. See more at

Nature Speaks Vision from the Heart – Here is a sample Vision from Alice Springs community.. " A vibrant & harmonious community, enjoying the most desirable lifestyle in Australia."

 ..... these messages to visitors are from Uluru (Ayers Rock) "Be quiet, be still, listen to your heart" Alec. "Nature is our greatest teacher" ... Michelle. "Feel my presence, integrity and my groundedness .. this is my identity ... this is why people come to me" Richard 

Adventure Learning Programs for Adults & Students

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely
upon my imagination. Imagination is more
important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world."
~ Albert Einstein ~

Are You "On Purpose" - Australian Visions invites you to see the "Big Picture" of the purpose of your life & business, and share a Vision for Australia. Call, or see the website, and be inspired See Visions  & Spirit Safaris Bush University

Win Outback Adventures to Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kimberley & Australia's Heartlands when you -

Tours & Travel 

People you know may enjoy our tours & “Safaris” from 1, 5 or 10days to Blue Mountains, Kimberley, Kakadu, Uluru  Call for details or see Song & Dance Adventures at  Songline Safaris

Ocean to Outback Safaris - Connecting People & Planet for Co-creation with Aboriginal culture, Earth awareness & songlines.   Ask for details 

Sacred Sites/Sacred Sounds Article

Songlines song line introduction

Sydney Harbour Safari

Our VisionA vibrant, harmonious dancing planet, where creative beings excel with passion, joy & love

 "To Succeed in the New Economy We Must Operate by the Design Principles of the Rainforest"…says Tachi Kiuchi - CEO of Mitsubishi Electric Co & Future 500 USA

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