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 “Integrity is the essence of everything” – Buckminster Fuller

 You can accelerate your creativity, evolution and success in your life by consciously addressing your integrity – meaning your oneness with all things.

 The “to do” list contains items that represent items that likely drain your energy. Addressing these will re-integrate and vitalize you.

 Begin the checklist by inserting the completion date targeted for the item in the left hand column under Completion Date.

 Tick off each item as it is completed.

 Name:  _________________________________________

 I now agree with myself to complete the entire Integrity Checklist by:   _________

To Do                                                             Completion Date          Tick

 1.         Deliver any undelivered communications

a.         Letters to be written

b.         Acknowledgements to be written

c.         Broken promises to be acknowledged

d.         Any lies to be cleaned up

e.         Anything hidden or held secret to be communicated


2.         Resolve any broken agreements

3.         Clean your living space totally

4.         Clean your car thoroughly

5.         Clean your office space

6.         Complete any unended cycles

7.         Organize your personal files

8.         Balance your check book

9.         Pay your bills or make new agreements with your creditors.



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