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Nature Speaks

Your are invited to share your Vision - and your messages from nature as Nature Speaks. These pages are expanding people's awareness & Australia's creativity & global contribution & value ...

Many Aboriginal people (and others who have awareness) are sensitive to subtle energies and frequencies of Nature, often referred to as the "Spirit of the Earth" - and they hear Nature's messages.

Many of histories creative people acknowledge this including Albert Einstein, Rudolf Steiner, great Irish Poets and our own poets like Henry Lawson & John Williamson. This is why walking the land is encouraged - to slow our busyness & enrich our beingness - and to experience the extraordinary worlds of the dreaming, a higher consciousness.

Clear natural environments are a great gift we as Australian's have  - and with it comes a responsibility for future generations - and an ability to be massively creative.

 You too can be more "in tune" and creative as you tune your mind & body to Earth's underlying vibration.

Nature is the curer of diseases - Hippocrates       Rhythm is the carrier of Life - Rudolph Steiner

"... I wander aimlessly through the bush, 'Cause that's where I get my music" - John Williamson

Nature Speaks - Messages from Uluru (Ayers Rock)  ...

  • "Be quiet, be still, listen to your heart" Alec.

  • "Nature is our greatest teacher" ... Michelle.

  • "Feel my presence, integrity and my groundedness .. this is my identity ... this is why people come to me" Richard 

What's your heart saying to You ? 


Get creative and see what you are really made of.  

The Vision Quest is a step on the path to people being more creative - and aligned to Earths stepping


Enrich Your creativity with -

Windjana Guardians (Kimberley) Wounded Dragon (Sydney)     Budildoo Rock (Victoria)     Hand of God (Sydney)  Windjana Guardians (Kimberley)


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